Eternity Joyería born in 2010, however, is part of a family tradition of several generations of jewelers that began in 1946 in a small workshop in Bucaramanga. For this reason, we have two fundamental pillars in our work; One side of the tradition and experience of several generations in jewelry which allow us to offer jewelry with impeccable quality which we complement with our young vision where we are updated with the latest trends in fashion and design. A new concept, with an old tradition, we are a young and dynamic company with the firm objective of making the perfect jewel for each person.

The Eternity Difference


We know how special a wedding is, the unique and unrepeatable that are all special moments for a couple where they create dynamics, words and gestures that no one else could understand. For this reason, our line aims to capture and materialize that feeling in jewelry made from the finest materials that represent the eternity of marriage due to its great durability. Our goal is not to work in series, all our jewels are made especially for each client who can choose the size of the stone, the color of the gold, the inscriptions from inside and can even send us a design which, if its manufacture is viable, we elaborate it.