Handmade jewelry

It is an artisanal technique, with which it has been traditionally worked. It is normally done for unique and exclusive pieces, being usually oriented to high jewelry with diamonds and other precious stones. The whole process of the jewel is done manually, using the stretching techniques, laminated, welded, to give it the desired shape and appearance with the help of heat and tools.


We offer jewelry repair service in which we perform with expert jewelers that stand out for their excellence and high reliability. We use high quality materials in all our manufacturing and repairs.


The jewels require frequent cleaning. If the jewels contain stones natural cleaning must be done by our professional jewelers. Yes they do not contain any kind of stone, you can do it yourself: using water with soap and drying with a soft cloth.
Once a year we recommend bringing jewelry to the jewelry store for control and
cleaning, in the case of pearl necklaces, every three years is recommended
adjust the knotting.


Some jewels are very valuable however they are in disuse due to their designs outdated, in Eternity we use these materials to make the piece that the customer chooses always maintaining its durability and quality. Thus, we adapt antique jewelry to contemporary designs.